Sunday, March 1, 2009

World of Wheels

This picture of Jan Gabriel and me was taken at The McCormick Place, in Chicago, in 2007. That night, Jan was awarded a Life Achievement Award from the "World of Wheels" for his contribution to motor sports through his many venues. What a great night it was!!

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  1. Willy,, It was a pleasure meeting you, and talking with you, and nice seeing Jan again at the Junk Yard Dogs Fundraisor, March 28th in Channahon. I looked at your blog, and it is very interesting, nice reading,very nice music to listen to. It brought back memories of my mom playing her old records,, which I now have some of them myself from her collection. I can see why you and Jan have remained such close friends throughout the years. Thanks for the information,, Cindy/Jeff Wilson