Friday, November 13, 2009

Tobin Matthews: "Special Way"

I wrote "Special Way" many years ago. It was recorded in Chicago. Norby King and I rounded up some local musicians who were friends of ours and we hit the recording studio to record several songs. This song is short and was the last one we recorded. I probably should have written another verse or bridge, but we ran out of studio time. There is something I have always liked about this little song.

Tobin Matthews: Answering Fan Mail

This picture of me answering my fan mail was taken in my apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. I always answered all the mail I received. I sent a letter and included a picture. The fans were great.

Tobin Matthews: Cash Box Magazine

A picture published in Cash Box magazine in 1963.

Tobin Matthews Caricature Drawing

This caricature drawing of me was drawn by one of the guys who worked in the Columbia Records art department. I got a kick out of it when he gave it to me. Love the way he did the cleft in my chin.

Tobin Matthews & Tony Dow

This picture of Tobin and Tony Dow was taken in Florida. Most of us from the 1950's remember Tony played Wally, Beavers brother, on the TV show "Leave It To Beaver". Check out that beautiful Chevy.