Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jimmy McHugh: "I Don't Want Everything" - Success Records

Jimmy Mchugh, from Hammond, Indiana, originated "The Jeepers Band". I joined them soon after they got together. Jimmy left the band after a few years to attend college, Drake University. It was while he was there that he wrote and recorded "I Don't Want Everything" for Success Records out of Des Moines, Iowa. The song was released in 1963 as a single and was also on an album titled "Only For Teenagers and Real Swinging Adults". This compilation album featured Jimmy McHugh, The Blendtones, The Extensions, The Martinels, Oscar Boyd and Cicero Blake. The tune "I Don't Want Everything" was one of Pittsburg's Favorites and received a lot of radio air play in that great town. Jimmy is a special friend and the two of us have kept in touch through all these years.

Success Record Album - Featuring Jimmy Mchugh

Above are front and back pictures of the "Success Records" album, S-LP 1011MX, that included Jimmy's song "I Don't Want Everything".
This is a mini bio from the back of the "Success Records" album.

Jimmy McHugh

Jimmy having a good time on stage.

"Jeepers" Reunion

This picture was taken at "The Jeepers" 30 year reunion thrown by Jan Gabriel. Pictured, left to right are - Jimmy McHugh, Ron Lane, Norby King, Tobin and Frankie Gage.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My "50" Year Class Reunion

I know this has nothing to do with singing but, it was a very special evening to me and part of my life. This picture was taken at my "50" year class reunion, Septerber, 2009. Pictured with me in front of a beautiful lighted fountain outside the reunion hall are Bonnie (Hart) and Chuck Ferczok. They have been married for more years than I can remember. Bonnie and I went to grade school and high school together and Chuck and I were high school classmates. Bonnie, God Bless Miss Hall. Secret note to Chuck - That SOB photographer was lucky we didn't carry out our plans about what we were going to do with him and the fountain!!! Love you and I'm glad you were a part of my life.Jay Kapers, me, Rich Berwanger and George Gruich. Rich Lukowski, me and Rich Berwanger at an earlier class reunion. Rich (Birdy) Berwanger and me. Cold beer and food on the grill on an autumn day in Indiana. Birdy is probably my oldest friend. We met in grade school and have kept in touch on a regular basis through all these years. Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tobin Matthews: "Don't Make Faces"

I recorded this song, "Don't Make Faces", in New York on Warner Bros, Records in the early 60s. It was written by "Bob Gaudio" one of the "Four Seasons". Bob wrote most of the great "Four Seasons" hits. It was produced by "Al Kasha" and arranged & conducted by "Denny Randell". "Frankie Valli" came to my session to help in any way he could with the recording of the song. Frankie is actually doing that foot-stomping sound you hear in the background and he came up with some other ideas that we were glad to use. I was honored to have him there.

Tobin Matthews: Doing a TV Record Hop Show

Clair Affens, "Bobby Brooks" fashion coordinator, and I being interviewed by the host of a TV Record Hop Show before I performed, singing with my record.

Tobin Matthews: Greeted At Small Airport

This picture was taken up east where I flew from one small town to another, in a small plane, during a series of one nighters. The fans were always there which made me feel great. I thank them all.

Tobin Matthews & Sally Struthers

This picture of "Sally Struthers" and me was taken in her home in California. As you probably know, Sally played Gloria in the hit TV show "All In The Family". We are in her neat little bar where I had a few beers but, not enough to become "Meat Head"!! Great time!!!

Tobin Matthews: Sun Records

This picture was taken in the Sun Records Studio. The people who owned Sun Studios, at the time I was there, told me that THAT microphone was THE mike that "Elvis" used when he recorded at Sun. Well, I had to sing a little using that original mike, even though it wasn't hooked up. The mike in the picture behind me sure looks like the same one I'm singing into.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Live Video from MBC Show - Compilation

This is a small compilation of a video taken by Tom Barnhart, of Music Lab, with a home video camera, so the picture and sound quality is what it is. Tom also supplied the instruments and sound equipment for the band and I. It was recorded in the early 1980s in Chicago at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, (MBC) for a show we did for Jim Lounsbury when he was inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. The guys in the band were, Ron Lane - guitar, Ronnie Lass - Guitar, Norby King - drums, Dave Spanier - bass, and Eli Rios - keyboard. This was the first time my daughters, Holly & Carrie, saw me perform live. I was happy and proud that they could be there on this special night.

Fun at the Museum

Dancing in the foreground are Nick Nobel, and Joni James. They both had hit records in the early 1950s. I can't name then all but, Nick had "The Bible Tells Me So" and Joni had "Why Don't You Believe Me" & "Have You Heard".
My daughters, Carrie & Holly with me, Jim & Helen.
Tom & Sharon Barnhart with Tobin & Jim.
This was taken after the show that night. Pictured are Tobin, Norby, Jim, Dave, Ronnie, Ron, Eli and Helen.

Tobin Matthews & Reggie Jackson "Mr. October"

This picture of Reggie and me was taken in Oakland, California at his warehouse where he stores his great collection of "Muscle Cars". We also went to his home in Oakland where I was lucky enough to see a lot of his baseball awards. Sadly, he lost that home to an Oakland fire. Reggie was a real down to earth person, just like one of the guys.

Tobin Matthews: Detroit, Michigan

Tobin signing autographs for teen fans during a U.S. Marines "Toys For Tots Jamboree" held at Edgewater Park in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1960s.