Saturday, December 26, 2009

Song: "Cowboy Hats and Cadilacs"

Sung by Donel Austin, writtnen by Willy Henson. I wrote this song, "Cowboy Hats and Cadilacs", several years ago. I did collaborate a little with a friend of mine, Ron Lane. The tune had a country feel so I wanted a country singer to record it. A friend of mine knew a guy who was signed to a label and he introduced us. His name was Donel Austin. Donel came to my house for a meeting. I sang the song for him, he liked it and wanted to record it. He went to Nashville for the session. I wish I would have been there because I was disappointed with the finished product. He took too much liberty with my lyrics, changing and adding words. I would have also liked to have heard some better instrumentation and a better voice. Well, enough is enough. I guess it is what it is. The main reason I'm posting this song is because I wrote it. Maybe some good country singer will hear it and want to put it on an album or even cut single release. If done right, it's a pretty good country song with a nice message.

Tobin Matthews: Cashbox Magazine Article

Bobby Brooks Fashion Shows

Meet Claire Affens, New York Fashion Director for "Bobby Brooks" the popular young girls clothing line. Claire came up with the great idea of having a rock 'n roll singer appear at her "Bobby Brooks" fashion shows that introduced their new clothes for the season. Her thought was that having a recording artist included in her shows would help increase the attendance. She was right. I was lucky enough to be that singer. We did hundreds of shows throughout the country. As a result of her ingenuity, Claire won several awards from the fashion industry. She was quite a woman.
These teasers were placed in the fashion department of the various stores prior to the show.

These paper ribbons were given to the fans as they entered the show so they could pin them on their blouse.

Indy Pace Car

This is a promo shot in the Indy 500 Pace Car for a show I did in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tobin Matthews: Willowbrook Ballroom - Compilation

Here is a four song compilation from "1991" at the "Willowbrook Ballroom" in Willow Springs, just outside of Chicago. It was recorded with a single mike VHS home recorder, so the sound and picture quality is what it is. This copy was recorded and given to me by Louie Kiefor, a good friend of mine for mamy, many years. Louie and I went to grade school and high school together. He is a lawyer in Calunet City, Illinois, which is good for me, in case I ever get in trouble!!!

Tobin Matthews: Autograph Session

This is a picture of an autograph session after a Bobby Brooks show up east.

Tobin Matthews & Barbara Ann Gloede (Miss New York) 1963

Barbara and I were invited to Eldridge Amusement Park in New York to crown the King & Queen of the park for that year. It was a fun time. After the ceremonies the two of us hit the rides. The newspaper article above shows us riding the roller coaster.

Bob Corcoran: Press Agent

Bob Corcoran was my press agent. He put me in more teen magazines than I had ever hoped for. More than that, he became a good friend. To have a friend and someone who believes in you is a very special thing. Some of the other artists Bob represented were, Dion, Tony Orlando, Anita Bryant, Bobby Vinton and several others. Bob passed away several years ago but, I will always cherish our friendship.

"Toys For Tots" Benefit in Detroit, Michigan

This was a 1962 post in Cash Box, a music trade magazine, telling about the "Toys For Tots" show.