Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Put Your Glad Rags On, Join Me Hon"

Poppel's Under 21 Tropicana Club was the place to be and the place to be seen. It's been said that it was probably the first of it's kind in the country.
Teens congregated there in casual clothes for get-togethers on week nights and reserved the week-ends for dressing up and a great date with that someone special. They were fun nights, with live entertainment, and dancing. Poppel's served good food, non alcoholic drinks with the little umbrellas and fruit on the rim of the glass.
The wonderful thing for the teens who went to Popple's, was the "adult" atmosphere. They were considered patrons of an adult type nightclub and treated accordingly. Dim lights, palm trees, carpeted floors, and wall murals accented a south seas theme. Live bands entertained and there was a well stocked juke box to fill in the gaps. There was a bar section with stools and booths that had a clear view of the dance floor and stage. In the main room were many tables and chairs with the stage and dance floor in the center.
Poppel's was not only a unique experience the teens, it was also a great venue for a lot of young bands and singers to get that first chance, to get a foot in the door. Jan Gabriel and I were a couple of those lucky guys. Thank you Bob and Dick and may God bless Erma J. Nelson.

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