Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jim Lounsbury: Early Record Hops

Popular Chicago Radio and TV personality, Jim Lounsbury in 1987, recalls the early days of record hops with "Willy and the Jeepers" in Chicago and the Midwest area. He talks about how we met, some of the places, Madura's Danceland and Keyman's Ballroom, where the hops were held, Poppel's Under 21 Club and how much we enjoyed those great days. There was something special about having a live band at a hop and the kids loved it. Jim helped me a lot with my singing career and we became good and long-time friends. Jim Lounsbury passed away January 8th, 2006 and I miss him very much.


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  2. Tobin--

    I was one of the teenagers in the audience at Madura's Danceland where Jimmy and the Jeepers were playing. I think I still have a 45 of "Ruby Duby Do"