Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tobin Matthews: "Special Angel" Live Rehearsal

I really didn't want to post this rehearsal because I thought it was kind of boring, but several friends of mine requested that I put it on. They thought it was interesting to watch us learning a new song. This rehearsal took place in "1987" at "The Music Lab" in lansing, Illinois, thanks to Tom and Neal Barnhart. A couple of the guys in the band were having a little trouble with some of the chords, especially Jimmy, my keyboard player. "Special Angel" was originally recorded by "Bobby Helms". I wanted to learn this song for someone special in my life at that time. Unfortunately I wasn't satisfied with our final results. Something just wasn't clicking. We never did perform the tune live on stage.

Tobin Matthews - Airport Reception

This picture was taken as I disembarked from a United Airlines flight up east. I was there to do a show at Sears for Bobby Brooks, a popular girls clothing line. The girls were a great welcoming committee.

Tobin Matthews & Claude Akins

This picture of Claude and me was taken at Malibu Beach in California. Claude appeared in many TV shows, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and way too many to list. He also had his own shows, "Movin' On" & "Sheriff Lobo". He truly was one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

"Willy & The Rhythm Rockers"

This is my first band, "Willy & The Rhythm Rockers". If I remember, after all these years, the pictures were taken in Markham, Illinois. I was 17 years old. This was the band the Poppel brothers, Bob & Dick, and Erma J. Nelson set me up with after singing at Poppel's Under 21 Club.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tobin Matthews: "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

This is a cover song of "It Doesn't Matter Anymore". It was originally done by "Buddy Holly" in 1959 on the Coral Records label. The song was written by "Paul Anka". We recorded this in New York for Columbia Records in 1962 in hopes it would be used on a future album. It was never released as a single. The session was produced by "Al Kasha".

Willowbrook - Chicago - Jim Lounsbury Special Show

This was a special show we did for Jim Lounsbury, "Welcome Back Jim", at the Willowbrook Ballroom in Chicago. I rounded up three of the old Jeepers, Jimmy McHugh - keyboards, Norby King - drums, and lead guitarist, Ron Lane. We added Dave Spanier - bass, and Jerry King - rhythm guitar with the help of Tom Barnhart, owner of "The Music Lab" in Lansing, Illinois. Tom also provided the instruments, sound system and his personal crew to set everything up on stage, and let us rehearse at Music Lab the day before. What a guy!!!

Tobin Matthews & Soupy Sales

Here is a picture of Soupy Sales and me at a show we did in Detroit, Michigan in 1962. My record "Susan" was getting great air play and Columbia Records flew me to Detroit to do this show, radio interviews, TV Record Hops and to help promote the record as much as possible. Soupy was the Master of Ceremonies. You couldn't have met a nicer guy. He offered to help me anyway he could, and he did. His word was as good as gold. Thanks Soupy!!

Tobin Matthews - Washington, DC

Performing with a local band in Washington, DC.

Pix For Your Scrapbook

This is a page from a teen magazine in 1963.