Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tobin falls, breaks both ankles....

Air lifted to hospital....

Hey Everyone! This is Holly - Willy's (Tobin's) daughter. I am making this post for him as he is in the hospital and I wanted you all to know what's up.

I received a call on Saturday afternoon and jumped in the car with my family - destination Chicago: Christ hospital where my dad was air lifted to after a fall.

How did this happen?

Turns out the barn had experienced some wind damage - sheeting was torn loose in several places.

So Dad - age 70 - decides to fix this himself.

He leans a ladder up to the right side of our barn (yellow arrow).

Ladder begins to slip, Dad preps for fall, getting into a crouching position to help jump down.

Thing is - Dad is jumping onto concrete on this side of the barn - as he breaks his fall he breaks both ankles.

THANKFULLY he keeps his Cell in his pocket so he was able to call 911....for as you can see from the barn photo - our home is out in the middle of no where.


One ankle is compound and broken in 3 places - other the outside metatarsal is broken along with all ligaments torn....fortunately Dad has no other injuries.

He is okay and recovering quite quickly. He's already been through 2 surgeries and now has a total of 8 rods in the ankle that was broken in 3 places and casts on both legs.

He's already been moving around with assistance and is now looking at options for rehab and recovery. I will hop on over and post an update on his recovery soon.

Thanks for the well wishes!

~ Holly