Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Tribute To My Friend - Jan Gabriel - 1940 - 2010

Jan Gabriel and I were friends for over 50 years. What a great friendship it was. The places we went, the things we did and the memories I have would fill a book. We were like brothers. The friendship we had was rare. I consider myself to be fortunate to have had someone who was always there, through the good times and the hard times. Sadly, Jan passed away earlier this month. This left a void in my heart that will be there for the rest of my life. May God bless you and keep you my friend. --- I would like to thank "Neil Diamond" for recording such a great song that says exactly what I wanted to say in my tribute to Jan. - The video clip and a few of the photos I used in this post are courtesy of Peggy Poppel.

Jan Gabriel - Mr. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Jan was the legendary motor sports announcer known for his signature phrase "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" used to promote the US 30 Drag Strip events in Northwest Indiana. He created, produced and hosted the nationally syndicated TV show "The Super Chargers" which ran from 1982 to 1994. Jan called the action at Santa Fe Speedway in Hinsdale/Willow Springs, Illinois from 1968 to 1982. He established and was president of his production company, TV One Inc. He founded the "Team Demolition Association" in 1999 and was running demo events in Joliet at Route 66 Raceway til the time of his passing. That is just part of Jans active career. There is more about Jan on one of my earlier posts.