Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun, Music and Friends

Jimmy McHugh, Tobin, and Ron Lane. The girl in the back is Astrid, Ron's friend. The picture was taken at Jimmy's house. This is just one of the many times we got together to play a little music, drink a few beers and have a lot of fun.

Tobin Matthews - "Susan" - Columbia Records - 1962

The sound quality on this post of "Susan" is a lot better than my earlier post. Hope the fans of my record "Susan" enjoy this clearer version.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Excerpt from Blitz - The Rock & Roll Magazine For Thinking People...

Tobin Matthews made a number of significant contributions to rock and roll. Born Willy Henson in Calumet City, Illinois, Matthews interned as a member of the Rhythm Rockers and Jimmy and the Jeepers in the late 1950s before embarking on a six year solo career in 1960 that included stops at USA, Columbia and Warner Brothers Records.

One of the highlights was Matthews' 1963 "Little Waterfront Girl" single (Warner Brothers 5455), which combined the best elements of such recent chart successes as the Essex's Easier Said Than Done (Roulette R-4494) and the Drifters' On Broadway (Atlantic 45-2182). But as was the case with Gibbs, Teensville again opted for the flip side, which in this case is Matthews' uptempo, Mark Dinning/Ed Rambeau-like "Don't Make Faces". In recent months, Tobin has been developing a web site, in which he intends to chronicle the highlights of his remarkable career.