Saturday, December 26, 2009

Song: "Cowboy Hats and Cadilacs"

Sung by Donel Austin, writtnen by Willy Henson. I wrote this song, "Cowboy Hats and Cadilacs", several years ago. I did collaborate a little with a friend of mine, Ron Lane. The tune had a country feel so I wanted a country singer to record it. A friend of mine knew a guy who was signed to a label and he introduced us. His name was Donel Austin. Donel came to my house for a meeting. I sang the song for him, he liked it and wanted to record it. He went to Nashville for the session. I wish I would have been there because I was disappointed with the finished product. He took too much liberty with my lyrics, changing and adding words. I would have also liked to have heard some better instrumentation and a better voice. Well, enough is enough. I guess it is what it is. The main reason I'm posting this song is because I wrote it. Maybe some good country singer will hear it and want to put it on an album or even cut single release. If done right, it's a pretty good country song with a nice message.

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