Saturday, February 7, 2009

Listen: Where Ya Been

Willy and the Jeepers

Recorded 1958
Written by Jimmy McHugh
Recorded at Frank McNulty Studios

This was our opening song and wow was it a crowd mover. It was raw rock and roll!
At this time the band was named "Willy and the Jeepers". I was the singer, Lead Guitar-Ron Lane, Rhythm Guitar-Jimmy McHugh, Drums-Norby King, Bass-Frankie Gage.


  1. I tried to leave a comment under your name ; )

    Wanted to share that I remember this song...back when we wold wake up super early to drive up to Indy for the time trials - Carrie and I would be dancing and singing your songs in the back of the truck once we arrived and waited to get in.

    Now - you should see Tyler dance to this one!

  2. how fun!!! my little boy loved this song - he's two and is rocking out with his air guitar and dancing around. super cute! THANKS!